Region: NA | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 26-50 | Recruiting: Yes

[NA] Silverlight | PvX & RP | All Styles Of Play Welcome

Silverlight is searching for allies to fill their ranks. I plan to have an open discussion of ideas and suggestions for our goal as a guild and as pioneers of this game. For now we will have roundtable-like decision making until more details about the game are released. Once there is enough information, we will create a more structured guild aspect while weighing everyone's IRL free time with what their goals in-game are. With that being said, Silverlight is accepting all applicants from all styles of play.

What we offer:
- You will be able to experience all aspects of the game 100%. Details will come as more info releases
- You can expect to have a very active guild master
- Active raid rosters, guild events, PvP as well as implementation of casual roleplay elements to make the game more memorable
- A guild where you will feel welcome whether you're casual or hardcore
- You won't need to stress over joining another "clan website" and all that other junk. Only Discord is required for our regular updates and communication

More precise details to come as game develops. Officer/leadership positions are open to those who are responsible and take initiative.

Guild Playstyle Breakdown:
  • PvE - 60%
  • PvP - 20%
  • RP - 20%

Discord: Post your guild application on the AoC forums to get an invite
Message Guild Master: Ryufu#1460 (you may send me a message on Discord with any questions)
AoC Recruitment Thread: