Remnants of Shadow

Region: NA | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51-100 | Recruiting: Yes

Leaders: Sirzecks
Officers: Beetlejuicex22, The Black Lamb HourGlass, Vranium, Lil Diddle, OverlordMoon
Server: North America
Focus: We have an equal interest in all things PvX, Econ, and Crafting.
Time zone: All NA time zones are active
Forum Post:

Guild first mentality
Able to receive/give constructive criticism
Flexibility (We all have jobs and other things to take care of in life)

We look to jump into Vera and experience all the world has to offer and be active within node activities.
We are a newer group looking to grow and create a space for all kinds of players to jump into and find players of a like mind be it in this game or in others down the road.
We currently have players that dedicate themselves to PVP, PVE, and Crafting so whatever your poison is you're sure to find people to group/discuss/chill with both in and out of game.

Open World PvE/PvP Groups
Gathering/Crafting progression
Trade runs
Efficient grinding
Node progression

--Any Questions?
Feel free to DM me or jump into the discord and hit up the leadership.