[EU] Eldritch Harbingers | PVX | Evil Religion the

Region: EU | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 100+ | Recruiting: Yes

[Greetings from Eldritch Harbingers]

Eldritch Harbingers have a goal, we must go on an unholy crusade to claim divine nodes across the land of Verra. We will bring the second coming of The Ancients and The Others with our devotion. What we can offer you as a Guild:
1) An Enjoyable and welcoming experience
2) Social events
3) State of the art Discord Bots
4) Experienced players with many years of playing mmorpgs
5) Intuitive and dynamic role system

A Little About Us: The main goal of Eldritch Harbingers is to settle in a Divine node and worship an evil deity. We seek to balance both PVP and PVE content with all winnings been distributed fairly. At EH, you will not just be a number but a member of our growing Family. We play other games and have other fun events like music sessions, watch movies/series etc. We aim to be a powerful guild that can participate in all that Ashes of creation has to offer. What we want from you: We primarily want your loyalty & Your input into all guild matters and discussions

More Media: The EH YouTube channel, where we upload our gaming sessions: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiWr4VGUb6YxVOOZ2vxxjUg The Forum post, for further information: https://forums.ashesofcreation.com/discussion/45768/eu-guild-recruitment/p1?new=1(upraveno)(upraveno) 

Contacts if you have any questions:  Choppie#0952