VVRP (Codename)

Region: NA | Language: English | Focus: RP | Size: 1-25 | Recruiting: Yes

About us:

We are an 18+ friendly guild that its main activity is Role-playing and secondly PvE. We are looking for motivated peoples that share the same goals than us, to develop a fun-loving group. Our RP theme is adventurers who do land survey, do treasure hunts, and do they best to support others. We want to explore seas, whatever kill beasts or just explore. We go where adventure calls us.


What we have to offer:

Two leaders with a good experience in leading and co-leading guilds.  

Tight knitted community

Organized RP with captivating storylines to gets our role-players hook.

Casual weekly PvE groups

Player Recognition




Roleplaying is your main activity then secondly PvE

Ability to join voice channels / talk

Be active from 8:00PM EST to 1AM EST at later


Our Goals:

RP events each week

A group for Dungeons and Raids runs

Sea adventures




How to apply:

To join us, we offer you more than 1 option:

Contact a Leader (Discord): Handel#3882 or MonkiiBones#5331

Application form: https://forms.gle/CvpnDMSAWvsbexVx7