VVRP (Codename)

Region: NA | Language: English | Focus: RP | Size: 1-25 | Recruiting: Yes

[NA] VVRP (temporary code name) | 18+ | Adventurer theme RP | Casual PvE | EST

About us:

Formerly known as the Verra Vanguard, we are an 18+ friendly guild that its main activity is Role-playing and secondly PvE. We are looking for motivated peoples that share the same goals than us, to develop a fun-loving community and to be the best roleplaying guild. We are targeting a tight knitted guild with 150 members after the game release. **The guild name will be decided later **. Our RP theme is adventurers who do land survey, do treasure hunts, and do they best to support others. We do not look for alliances anymore.


What are we have to offer:

Two leaders with more than a decade of combined experience in different MMORPGS including years of leading and co-leading guilds

Tight knitted community

Captivating storylines to gets our role-players hook. We will choose RP events type and time later as a group

A group for casual PvE stuff runs

Player recognition


What are we looking for?

 18 years old or older

Mature players that can follow rules and keep sexual themes away

Role-Players / Casual PvE players

Crafters and Gatherers


Content we will do:

All PvE content, casually




Active Time:

9:00PM-11:30PM EST on weekdays, 9:00PM-1:00AM EST on weekend






Forum Post:


Discord Informations:

Be present on Discord is mandatory to be part of the guild. Vocal is completely optional excepted for PvE content with guildies. At last, for heard us if you cannot talk. Vocal is favorizing participation and adhesion.