Order Of Ash

Region: NA | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51-100 | Recruiting: Yes

Order Of Ash is a highly organized guild with a aim towards collective accomplishments. We have a home for each type of player in our guild.       1. Order of War=is the home for our pvp based members where they can fight and grow as a team taking on sieges and enemy guilds.                       2. Order of Expedition=is the home for pve based members where they can take on all the creatures vera has too offer.                                                   3. Order of Trades =is the home for our crafters where our members can cooperate with each other in all there economic endeavors and engage in group caravans .                                        4. Order of Ash Guild Ranks= is for our more community driven members who become our officer core and help all 3 game orders cooperate and prosper so when our traders need protection order of war is there to help . When our warriors need arms our master crafters support. And when the guild requires raid loot our Expedition brothers are there to help.                                                                       Rather your a casual trader or a hardcore pvp Chad the order has a spot for you. 18+ only.                             Come join us at   https://discord.gg/4rgFBnEeFS