Region: NA | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 100+ | Recruiting: Yes

[NA] Overlord | Hardcore | Organized PvX | Server First | Alpha/Beta Required

~90 members in Alpha 1 Testing

About Us -----
We are Overlord. Players that are strong on their own come together to be overwhelming. We seek highly motivated and self-sufficient players that share these goals and ambitions, and are willing to put in the effort to achieve them. We place great emphasis on quality over quantity. We will be a prominent force in the Ashes of Creation community. 

Guild Requirements:
-- 18+
-- Willing to put in 40+ hours a week at launch for Combat Guild
-- Willing to put in 25+ hours a week at launch for Economic Guild
-- Must have a mic
-- Alpha 2 or Beta 1 access for Combat
-- Beta 1 or Beta 2 access for Economic

Goals in Ashes of Creation:
-- Server first end game dungeon and raid clears
-- Server first metropolis level node
-- Owning and keeping a guild castle within our metropolis ZOI
-- Full economic control within at least our metropolis ZOI
-- Server first masters in all artisan classes 

Our combat guild will be going for the combat oriented goals above, such as raid server firsts and keeping a guild castle. While our economic guild will be going for the crafting mastery server firsts, controlling our ZOI auction house and economy. Members of our economic guild are not required to raid, but will still need to pvp some, due to us needing to protect everything we earn as a guild.

What We Offer:
-- Very experienced and transparent leadership
-- Organized PvX
-- Guild events every week, even now before Alpha 2
-- Requirement to play as soon as possible

How to Join:
If you would like to join our guild or community, please click the discord link below and react with the appropriate emotes. 

Discord:  https://discord.gg/StDNChuD6R

>>> ***Brace yourselves, this isn't going to be half-assed.***