Legion of Light

Region: NA | Language: English | Focus: PvE | Size: 51-100 | Recruiting: Yes

Discord https://discord.gg/ebEzryp

Legion of Light, a guild of Paladins dedicated to a single purpose, protection of the land and all who dwell in it. 

We will serve as a shining sword and glimmering shield to stem the tides of evil throughout the land. Though we will dwell under one kingdom's banner, our protection will stand for all. 

Join me brothers and sisters of the light, and stand in the face of coming darkness. For the Light! 

Hi everyone thank you for looking at the guild! FIRST AND FOREMOST I want to say that this will be the first guild I will have ever lead/be a part of in general. I have a lot to do and learn but I'm looking forward to forming friendships from this, ALSO despite me saying "lead" I want to stress that all voices are important. I say lead from an RP standpoint. Now onto what I'd like to do with the guild.

the following list is what I'd like to do with everyone who joins :) 

-pve focus
-dungeon focusing
-If we can I'd like to try and establish a castle for our righteous guild. 
-pvp focus 
-help bounty hunters when needed
-help others in the world with everything above when needed
-help other guilds and cities when needed

Thank you again for reading this, I look forward to anywho join! Have a great one!