Seafarers of Verra

Region: EU | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 26-50 | Recruiting: Yes

As sea farers we aim to conquer ports and trades within the seas, that doesn't mean we are exclusive to the sea as we will need elusive merchants and beautiful crafters to give us the cargo we need and desire. We've always had the fantasy of leading a troupe of ships into glorious booooty! We shall claim the seas as our own and carry the winds in our backs. If you have the same aspiration as us youngins of the sea, you are whole heartedly welcome to join. All you gotta do is join our discord server and introduce yourself.

About The Guild:
Simply put, we are a naval trading company with a mercenary fleet. Our main goal within the game is to establish ourselves as a great power in the naval scene.

Roles Within The Guild

: any non- leadership role within a ship (Repairing, Manning weapons,Navigation... etc) Landsman: this role is mostly for people who want to be on land more than sea but still do want to participate in sea ventures (Dungeons, Raiding, Exploration... etc) Tradesman: Obviously dealing in trade, moving merchandise, selling and buying (We aim to fund tradesman through the guild's coffers in quantities relevant to the Trademan's experience)
Craftsman: The crafty boys of the guild, I dare say the heart of it, as they support the guild's infastructre, provide us with weapon and armor... and.. the merchandise we plan to trade/sell (As with the Tradesman, the plan is to fund them proggresively as they gain more experience and prowess in their field)

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