The Revenant

Region: NA | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 100+ | Recruiting: Yes

The Revenant is a company founded by Studio Loot. Our focus is centered around building a community of individuals who enjoy the game and want to have fun. We will be participating in all aspects of the game and will try to compete on a high level at both PvP and PvE. 

The Revenant places a high emphasis on creating a positive atmosphere, respecting each other, and acting in a mature manner. We are all on the same team and want to make sure everyone feels a part of that team and the community we are building. Speaking in voice chat is not required, however, it is preferred. If you do not feel comfortable doing so then you can use the text chat within Discord as well. We put forth effort in communicating effectively and in a timely manner, and pride ourselves with interacting with our community.

Our Goal in Ashes of Creation
Our ultimate goal in Ashes of Creation is to build a solid group of highly-engaged members. We want to create an atmosphere of longevity, respect, and most importantly friendships among our community. We are open to accepting all play styles and skill levels. Crafters, PvE players, and PvPers are all welcome to join. Even though our ultimate goal is community oriented we still aim to compete on a high level within the game.

We will not be requiring you be online at certain times as we understand everyone has a life outside of gaming. However, we do want members that are going to be very active as we plan on participating in all aspects of the game. If you are inactive for 30 days there is a possibility of being removed from the Company.

Why Join the Revenant?
The Revenant was formed with community and friendship in the forefront. If you’re looking for a community to be a part of that’s going to help each other at every turn and have your back then you’re in the right place. 

We will make sure we help gear out all of our members and will work as a cohesive unit in order to succeed in all aspects of the game. 

We will have guides and other tools available, and as a member of the Revenant you will gain access to that information quickly. 

We will be participating in every aspect of the game and will try to have regular company events happening. For example, leveling nights, siege nights, dungeon nights, etc. 

Time Online
Our prime times to be online and engage in sieges, etc will be from 8:00PM CST until 1:00AM CST. This does not mean these are the only times our Company will be online and active, this is simply the “prime” time for us.

How to Join
If you are interested in our community, please join our Discord. Within the Discord you will find a dedicated section for Ashes of Creation. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Leadership Roles
We are always looking for active leaders for our guilds. If you're interested in a leadership role please reach out to us via the Discord.

We definitely want a dedicated leadership group, but we also do not want our leaders to get so overwhelmed with the management of the Guild that the game is no longer enjoyable.  

Leadership Responsibility
As mentioned in the “Culture” section and “Our Goal in Ashes of Creation” section our ultimate goal is to create a long lasting community of individuals that enjoy gaming with one another. 

As a leader in the Revenant you will be tasked with helping to build that culture. This means trying to stay active with the in game chat and Discord chat and questions that any players have. 

This also means leading by example and not participating or encouraging toxic behavior within our community.  

If you notice a member becoming a problem please discuss that with the leadership and decide if the feeling is mutual. If at least 3 members of leadership agree then the player can be booted from the guild without consulting the leader of the Guild. 

As a leader you will also be tasked with helping recruitment and managing the activity of players. We want to maintain an active guild. If a player has not been active in the past 30 days, and has not contacted leadership to let us know reasoning then we will remove that player and search for a more active player.  

We do not want to force anyone to play the game in a manner that they do not want to play in, so we will not be forcing roles within the Guild. However, if you see a need within the Guild then acknowledge that fact and simply encourage, not force, people to take on that role. 

Sieges / Invasions (Large Scale Content)
In order to be effective in large scale combat situations we will be encouraging members to be in voice comms. This is not required, however, in Ashes of Creation we plan on participating in this content and being active in voice comms would help out tremendously with our success.  

It’s also imperative to have a shot caller, or possibly 2 during these events. Everyone else in voice comms should be muted and listening to commands from the leader of the siege.

We will be utilizing tools to recruit members to The Revenant such as the Ashes to Go Podcast, our Youtube videos, and our Twitch streams. 

As a leader of the company you will also be tasked with helping recruit members. If you see someone in game or in the community in need of a Guild shoot them an invite to ours. There will be no requirements for you to post on Reddit or other social platforms to recruit, but you are free to do so if you choose.