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Forums background seems to change about every month... What does it mean?

Don't suppose the old artwork is around anywhere for us to enjoy? Your artists are that talented that it'd be a shame to have missed out on anything they've done.
Nerror wrote: ยป
What he said @LieutenantToast ! I mean I had noticed the changing backgrounds, but I never really thought to properly appreciate them, and now I feel sad I never did. The one from last month, that was the dunir city you also posted on twitter right? I assumed it to be, but never actually did the whole right-click and open image in new tab thing.

So we also share the high-res versions of these pics with the wiki team each month, and if you check out the recent artwork section here, you can see the ones for the past few months posted right around the turn of the month! For example, here's July's, August's, September's, and October's pics!

Sathrago wrote: ยป
It's always fun finding these sorts of things. Thanks as always for the hard work you all put into caring for the game, especially for the little details like this.