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List your Tavern game ideas!

Ooh these are some fun ideas so far! Everyone knows that when the games get going, the drinks get flowing, and any wise tavern keeper should be happy with even more business ;)

Keep these ideas flowing like the ale, friends!

Chapter Three: A Sudden Interruption!

Kuldjux wrote: »
Smile politely and ask for directions? No? Guess it's time to fight then!

You should definitely ask them for the nearest you know where to leave them when you're done ;)

Glorious Gourd prizes received!!!

GG and enjoy frands! <3 Thank you again for sharing your amazingly glorious creation with us all!

Harvest’s Dawn

Crosim wrote: »
Oh no! Orange is my favorite color! Is there A way to like ... re-preorder? lol

If you already have a pre-order package, you can purchase the items individually now, pending which package you got. ;)
ribenji wrote: »
oh my god. that package really catches me. I like the aesthetics you guys created.

is it possible for one who pre-orderd the game to buy the entire set as a bundle? bc rn I can't find it as a bundle but only as individual objects (masterpieces).
If you already have a package, you can buy them individually, but there's no group bundle of all the items other than the pre-order pack if that's what ya meant.