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Brine and Bounties

horendis wrote: Β»
Maelstrom's Crown: Is it a gliding mount? Is it a water mount that moves fast in water/slow on land?
Coral Courser: Is this for a crew of 1-3 or 8 or 40?
Boundless Basin: Does this get placed on a fishing pond or a "patio spot" ? What structure does this cosmetic get placed on?

I'll let Mags grab the answer to the first one for you when she's back in the office! For the naval and freehold skins, we're currently working with the design team to get you more insight on the specifics of what these each would cover (in addition to clarifying ones that were previously available as well).
Hoozierpopz wrote: Β»
I'll be honest. The skins are confusing me at this point. An oasis potentially put in a snowy region freehold makes me scratch my head. Will there be restrictions? And why so many? Maybe a new set every quarter or something. Save most for in-game achievements or even the cash shop.

As of this time we haven't announced any restrictions on what kinds of cosmetics you could use in certain areas/biomes, though that may be something we look for your additional feedback on during testing! We've also shared our philosophy previously on there being equitable cosmetics available in-game, both from a quantity and quality standpoint.
Kiv3k wrote: Β»
Does this sea horse boat really swim circles around other boats? There are other member calling the description of these items flavor text, I don't know what the definition of it is wikipedia says this:

"Flavor text is often the last text on a card or on the rear of a toy card or package, and is usually printed in italics or written between quotes to distinguish it from it from game-affecting text."

We include the following note in each cosmetic article to help clear that up: "All skin cosmetic items are cosmetic items only and do not grant the user any other benefit. The lore text is flavor text, and background of the creatures and items in the world of Verra. Costume cosmetic items do not include the weapons pictured."

This means that these are just cosmetic skins that would go on top of your existing items, and wouldn't lead to any change of stats/power/speed - hence the lore text being just "flavor" rather than "game-affecting".
Slimey wrote: Β»
I love them! I will be purchasing the Adventurer Pack tomorrow!

So glad to hear you're loving the newest looks! <3

Brine and Bounties