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If you could ask Steven anything about AoC, what would you ask?

Marzzo wrote: ยป
I would love for us to type down some questions we have for @Steven Sharif about AoC! Maybe we can upvote the ones we think are best and hope that @LieutenantToast can pick the 10 most upvoted ones and make Steven answear them!

I would definitely recommend sharing your question for Steven about Ashes of Creation in our monthly Q&A post once that's available, so that we can grab it for a chance to be answered live on stream! In general we choose questions to answer at random, rather than looking at "likes", so that everyone has a fair shot at getting an answer <3 (not just those who may have other friends on the forums).

Looking forward to seeing what questions you all share for this month's stream once that thread goes live! :smiley: