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A Tall Tale of Scales - Creation of the Scalerunner


Many souls having grown up within the vast reaches of Verra’s lands will have heard the tale of the Scalerunner in their youth.

📺 Watch the full creation of this fierce reptile

📖 Learn more about this tall tale

Next Live Stream + Q&A Submission - Friday, February 28, 2020 at 11AM PST

ICYMI you can check out our latest development live stream on our YouTube channel! Thanks again to all who tuned in and joined us <3


Next Live Stream + Q&A Submission - Friday, February 28, 2020 at 11AM PST

Thanks again all for chiming in to provide all your awesome questions - after going through them all, wanted to cover a few answers for stuff we may have mentioned previously:

@CMKalez - You can check out the planned artisan classes here, and plans for what will be in A1 here.
@The Talking Fish - You can check out more details on fishing (including UI/artwork that may cover some of your questions) here.
@enthar111 - You can read more about player-managed NPCs (including mercenaries) here.
@Monarch - You can meet all of the races and start to see all of their artwork and designs so far here.
@Nexler - You can check out what we have planned for Alpha 1 here.
@Karthos - The offer is much appreciated, but we'll give ya a heads up once we've moved! ;)
@Catspurr - You'll start to see more of the character creator as we head into Alpha 1.
@dailo and @Ravudha - The rest of the "Know Your Nodes" blogs are still on the way; in the meantime you can read more on what we've discussed for military and divine nodes here.
@Briarwel and @Darakris - You can read more about marriage as its been discussed here, to help narrow down your questions more next time!
@Sarevok and @MrLuck - We'll be sharing more details in class blogs as we progress into the next phases of testing; if you have a more specific question in the meantime, please feel free to include it next time! :)
@damonicus and @paradax - You can read more about the augment system (and how it will customize your skills) here.
@nightragner - We answer 20-30 questions during every single monthly live stream, and additional blogs are still in the works! We'll be looking to gather that kind of feedback closer to the time when you've actually got your hands on the systems, vs. providing feedback on simply our designs :)
@Aestin - You can read more about telegraphs here.
@George Black - We've got our Dev Discussion topics all ready for the rest of the year! We'll be asking for your feedback/thoughts around enchanting as we get closer to your hands-on testing of those systems :)
@tsuzor - You can read more about world/raid bosses here, including those that will be in open world dungeons and raids.
@morfthegreat - What you're currently seeing is WIP, and as you help us test combat & effects in Alpha 1 and beyond we'll gather additional feedback!
@Albatross - You can read more about banking and warehousing here.
@kryprim - We've been sharing the mounts, pets, etc. as they've been getting made during our live streams, so you can watch the process from start to finish!
@lifetree - You can read more about gear enhancements like power stones/runes here.
@Ascyll - As skills are still WIP, I'm sure we haven't seen all mobility/class mobility options quite yet! :)
@Hydrilla - You can read more about quests (including collection quests) here.
@AntVictus - You can see what regions we plan to support here.
@FrancescoVendetta - If you could be a bit more specific about "character statistics", I can try to help answer more next time :)
@joint - You can read more about our philosophy on daily quests here.
@disobedient - We'll be sharing more details on some of the benefits divine nodes provide in upcoming "Know Your Nodes" blogs!
@Odyssey - You can read more about where we've discussed rentals and leasing here.
@darkseraph - You can read more about loot tables here.

Next Live Stream + Q&A Submission - Friday, February 28, 2020 at 11AM PST

Thanks everyone for joining in and sharing your questions - submissions are now closed!

We'll see you at 11AM PST tomorrow for our live stream!