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What do you consider griefing in AOC?

Vhaeyne wrote: ยป
Big true, I wish we had a statement from intrepid of what they see as acceptable "bad" behavior.
Like how EVE allows scamming. I feel like just the fact that they allow players to scam each other in game sets the bar in a position where people are less likely to have a problem with most behaviors.

Right now with AOC some people have a false expectation that world PvP is not going to be something they have to deal with constantly. Having a list of behaviors that are acceptable that some would consider to be harsh might help to bring us to a more common definition of what is griefing for AOC.

I think more clearly delineating things like this in places like our Terms/Community Guidelines as we get deeper into testing will hopefully help set those expectations better! That way players know what can be actioned, and the proper way to go about reporting it if it occurs.

I've seen a few folks mention in this thread that "intent of the alleged griefer" should be the barometer by which griefing definitions were set - in a world where intent can be difficult to determine, how might you go about this? For example, some mentioned that if there was no "gain" involved with repeatedly killing someone, then that would count as griefing - but what if the griefer considers their own personal enjoyment of your repeated demise a form of "gain"?

Also seeing a lot of interesting notes here on whether or not spawn camping might constitute as griefing - perhaps overall this is something we can bring up a wider Dev Discussion on :smiley:

What do you consider griefing in AOC?

Brought together a couple of threads here with very similar premises around griefing & open world PvP, and folks sharing their thoughts on what might constitute as griefing or not <3

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Chapter Four: A Braverโ€™s Choice

flameh0t wrote: ยป
Obviously the stealthed rogue right in front of him, trips him over and does a quick poke to his jugular vein so he bleeds out before he can get back up.

Just a quick little pokey-poo ๐Ÿ”ช