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Lustrous Cordiality

Neurath wrote: Β»
I purchased the cosmetic skins in case I have to visit a wedding or if I have to visit my Guild Leader as King. :)

Love this idea! You're going to be so stylish. <3
Is there a 3D model of this anywhere?

Not sure where to find past images of anything for which we've already got a 3D model. Have seen a couple of 3D's for armor via the Twitter previews on the side of the site, here.

We usually showcase the creation process in our Development Updates and on our Social Media channels, so stay tuned!

quest's with pvp objectives? will there any any?

If you were interested in progressing down the Bounty Hunter path, that would also likely be a way where you could take on more specifically PvP-oriented content! :smiley:

What would you like Ashes to start showing more of?

Neurath wrote: Β»
A little more leg would be sensational. ;)
Lycancoffee wrote: Β»

You're not even gonna ask us to dinner first? :cry:

(In all seriousness, definitely appreciate the ideas folks are highlighting in here - I know our team is excited to share more as we can! <3)

Please change the name Cleric

Oooweee a few more of these and we're gonna have to get ourselves a bigger merge button...


Does it roleplay in AoC?

As I have seen others share thoughts around being mercenary/"bounty hunter" guilds, I would definitely say it seems like there's enough interest to bring the sparks of your idea to life! <3

Alpha One Preview Feb 19-22

Hi there friend! The Intrepid Pack specifically was a pack that was in the shop previously; it hasn't been available for purchase for some time! It sounds like you currently have the Voyager Plus Pre-Order Pack, which includes access to our upcoming Alpha Two phase - you can check that by viewing your inventory following these steps! I can definitely understand how the naming convention on those packs might have led to a bit of confusion here :sweat_smile:

I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can assist you with in the meantime!

The problem with having β€œTank” as a class name

Hello again friends! Merged in yet another newer thread about this topic - heads up that if you're going to put "(yes, again)" in your title, rather than continuing to share in the existing thread, it will probably get merged ;)

Guild Gathering #1 - Recruitment and Retention


Glorious Ashes community - we're kicking off a brand new series called Guild Gatherings! Guild Gathering topics are a "reverse Q&A" similar to our Dev Discussions, where we ask you about your thoughts on everything related to guilds.

Our team has compiled a list of questions we'd love to get your feedback on regarding guild tools, gameplay, your previous experiences, and more. Join in on our Guild Gatherings and share how your gaming family is special to you!

Guild Gathering #1 - Recruitment and Retention
What guild tools are most helpful to you for recruitment and retention, both in-game and outside of a game?

Keep an eye out for our next Guild Gathering topic regarding guild halls!