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Purpose of sprint?

It’s like walking but faster

πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈπŸ’¨ gotta go fast


What are your opinions on adding more niche/situational abilities to classes?

I've always loved utility spells, especially those that require skill to use effectively. As long as no one class is completely overloaded with CC and they're balanced as well as possible.

What's an example of a utility spell you've always wanted to see in an MMO?


Obfuscating information? For Alpha 1 players.

If you're talking about the guild name being shown where your character name is, then I don't remember a way to toggle that. There are a lot of settings and things missing though because it was only alpha 1. It may be a thing further into development.

Nope, there wasn't a way to toggle or adjust this during recent Alpha One testing - but as noted, the UI was very much placeholder and there will be more adjustments and settings to come in the future!


Seasons. Why isn’t this as exciting to everyone else?

My only negative thought about season , it s how fast they go …. 1 week for each nahhhh should be a full month at least

Previously we've also noted that events may elongate or radically change seasons for a zone - so not necessarily always a week!


Dev Discussion #36 - User Interface

I prefer a minimal and immersive* UI by default but the option to expand the UI significantly in the settings. This way hopefully you solve for most use cases without sacrificing immersion or complexity.

*Here I mean a UI that feels like it fits within the universe, rather than just strictly a flat, minimal UI. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a great example of this, and uses subtle effects like cracked monastic paint and gilt to make it feel like a piece of medieval art.

What info do you consider essential for your most minimal approach?


I hope this game has lots of social gameplay at launch

Yeah, that's definitely one of the features Intrepid should pick up from FF14. Just having some good emotes and animations can add hundreds of hours of player interaction, which is obviously great for an mmo.

What's an emote you've always wanted to see in a game? πŸ€”