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Bounty Hunters and Governments

Hiya! We've talked a bit before on some of our previous live streams and the like about how organizations within a node (such as the bounty hunter system) will have a progression path that you can take to both increase your abilities and potentially unlock some additional in-node benefits:

While those benefits could serve a practical purpose, there's always something to be said for the ability to "show off" your achievements as well in a physical sense - so I like reading more when folks share ideas for what that might look like in the context of certain systems! :smiley:

Learn from WOW beginner "tutorial"

Definitely seeing a lot of great comments on both sides here for what level of "hand-holding" folks might prefer - keep those suggestions coming!

Personally I like to see a more minimal/simple UI that's intuitive to pick up without too much extra explanation; that and definitely having some "options" in place for the amount of introduction you would like to the world.

What are your favourite sets/items in other MMOs and Why?

I typically go for fashion over form (gotta look good to play good, right? right???) so um...whatever set has the most skulls on it. Like lots and lots of skulls. I can think of a few from WoW in particular (mostly involving comically large pauldrons) that fit this description!

What class will YOU be picking?

It's definitely gonna be a tough call for "all of them!!!" an option?

Most likely I'll spend the majority of my days in the Warlock/Acolyte/Necromancer triangle 💀

Game looks great but characters walk/move a bit clunky

Heya folks! As some lovely helpful people chimed in on this thread already, all the animations you've seen in our recent videos are very much still a work in progress. With your additional feedback and some further iterations in upcoming testing, we'll definitely be continuing to refine those <3

I appreciate all the folks who jumped in to provide OP a helpful response here, as we know not everyone has been around for a super long time or heard when we've mentioned these things on previous live streams and the like :smiley: the more we can help provide references and links for our new friendly faces, the more they can in turn help spread the word for even newer faces in the future!