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Idea: Race specific building in a Metropolis

Some interesting ideas being brought up here, as well as thoughts around balance. Would love to hear what folks come up with as ideas for potential buildings around other races than Vaelune!

Some folks may also want to remember that we've previously discussed an attrition mechanic around racial influences on nodes, to curb the impact of one racial style dominating the landscape:

PLEASE launch on Steam!!!

Hi there - you can check out where we've discussed our plans regarding Steam before in our helpful knowledge base article here:

I'm going to go ahead and close this thread out now, but please don't hesitate to reach back out if there's anything else we can assist you with in the meantime!

Spanish/Latam Community ? Donde estan !

Heya friends! At the moment we currently have support on our Discord and forums for the languages and regions we plan to support in-game, which can be found in our helpful knowledge base articles below:

That being said, we know some folks have spun up some unofficial communities for other languages outside of those we currently run officially! We'll also be continuing to update the articles above as our plans may change regarding languages and regions in the lead-up to launch. We are super excited to see and get to know more of our community from around the world! <3

Next Live Stream + Q&amp;A Submission - Friday, October 30, 2020 at 11AM PDT


Next Live Stream + Q&A Submission - Friday, October 30, 2020 at 11AM PDT


Glorious Ashes Community!

Our next live stream will be Friday, October 30 at 11AM PDT! (Click here to convert this to your local time.)

For this upcoming stream, we'd love to gather some questions from you to answer live! Please submit your question for our development team in the thread below, and we'll select 10 of them at random to answer at the end of our live stream. In order to accommodate a variety of questions from our community, please only post ONE question below, and the more direct/succinct the better! Submissions end Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 11AM PDT so we can select your questions before the stream.

We'll see you soon for our development update live stream!