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What do you secretly hope to see the most from Alpha 1?

All of your lovely shining faces helping us smash the bugs ;)

"Steven avoids mentioning GW2 influence, its undeniable! But ill also avoid mentioning them" :D

I'm about 99% sure that in some of our previous videos where we're all playing together (either water mounts, or combat, or dungeons), one or more of us has mentioned our previous experience playing GW2.

Many of us have played many many MMOs over the years, and it's awesome to see how the design and development teams are building out the world of Verra with our distinct vision based on what we've learned from our previous gaming encounters!

Stevens reply on family summoning at Ashes Pathfinders #84

Heya folks - we'll definitely be looking for more of your feedback around loopholes and "unintended uses" of family summons as we get closer to testing them, and some folks in here have already brought up some interesting points!

I'm going to go ahead and merge this in with another thread that was recently popular on the very same topic <3 feel free to continue the discussion here!