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The devs shouldn't use flying mounts for everything

Was just reading this thread, sorry this reply didn't get any traction.. I totally understand your point 😅

All good. =P

I'll just yell into the void that is the internet. At least, we answered. hehe.


[ POLL ] What was the first MMO you ever played?

1992 Neverwinter.

Steven Sleep-Leaked! :)

Steven pretty much reads every single forum and reddit post each night. He is often lurking on disc and drops in to chat quite often, it's well worth jumping on there... Just don't bite the bait that will be thrown at you in #aoc-discussion



New to MMORPG’s; how do I prepare?

Generally I would prepare for a new mmorpg launch similarly to how I’d prepare for a hurricane.

Stock up on food and water. Board up the windows and make sure you’ve provisioned enough supplies for any pets you may have. Inform your relatives and work that you’ll be weathering out the storm alone at home, and you don’t need anyone visiting to check on you.

Finally, sending off the spouse and/or children for a visit to grandma’s house for the week/month.

And make sure you’ve gotten your neighbors (guild mates) available over the ham radio (discord).

Another breadcrumb for us EU people (regarding situation)

This can't seriously be a bot someone decided to make. Even though the post wasn't even aggressive, using a condescending bot on an angry person does nothing. It's the long winded version of "haha u mad bro? Go outside". What a useless bot.

Lol. This bot is silly