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The Ashes of Creation Dev Tracker is Now Available for Discord

The Ashes of Creations Discord Bot posts developer announcements and replies from the forums, Reddit or Twitter directly to your Discord server, and can be used to quickly search through all previous developer posts on the dev tracker - with more commands coming in the future.

For instructions on how to invite the bot and set it up on your Discord server, see the Discord page.

The Ashes of Creation Dev Tracker is Now Live

The Ashes of Creation Dev Tracker is now live and supports the official website, forum, Twitter and Reddit.

All results are searchable and you can filter by source or hide replies. Please let us know if we're missing any posts and we'll get the source added as soon as possible.

In the very near future we'll also publish a bot that can post these updates to your Discord server or Twitch channel. Details on those bots will be announced soon.