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Future Plans

Hello Ashes Community!

We wanted to take a second and talk about our future plans for the Website and our podcast Ashes To Go.  At this time, we are taking a break from Ashes of Creation content until early 2022.  We have big plans for Ashes but right, due to time limitations, our focus has to remain on our other content.  It was a tough decision but we want to make sure we are hitting our high standard of content, and with the time constraints we are currently faced with, felt it was the right decision.  We look forward to rejoining the Ashes of Creation family again soon!

Ashes of Creation Drops Verbal NDA Early

Today on twitter, Ashes of Creation made an announcement that the verbal NDA on Alpha One testing has been lifted.  This will allow alpha one testers to openly discuss their experiences in the current and previous versions of the Alpha Client. 

While the verbal NDA was lifted, the visual NDA still applies, keeping screen shots and videos of game play under games under wraps until the first non-NDA test on July 9th

Ashes of Creation April Development Update | Raid Bosses!

During the latest Ashes of Creation Development update, the team at Intrepid Studios showcased some brand new 4k footage featuring 3 newly added raid bosses to Verra. We got a peek at the Forest Dragon, Fire Dragon, and Ice Dragon, and were able to see some of the mechanics of each of these new raid bosses.

Ashes of Creation also announced the newest backer package titled Brine and Bounties which is currently available for purchase in the Ashes of Creation shop.

Along with the Raid Boss footage, the team also gave updates regarding their new studio, some bonus footage, some environment art updates, and more.

You can see the full Development Update over at the Official Ashes of Creation Website and see below for links to specific topics. 

  • 4:09 Reminders
  • 15:26 Studio Update
  • 19:06 Bonus Engineering Video
  • 21:47 Design Update which includes Alpha One progress, and gameplay segment
  • 45:15 Environment Art Update
  • 51:25 Character Art Update
  • 1:00:59 Q&A 

Alpha Testing Schedule Delayed

This Week, Ashes of Creation announced that there would be a delay in the previously announced alpha test schedule.  They stated that the decision was made based off the data they collected in the December and February testing events.  Steven stated "As we have been addressing these challenges, my team has determined that additional polish is needed in order to guarantee a smoother Alpha One testing phase, and yesterday I approved this NDA extension."  The image below depicts the new Alpha scheduled.  For more information on the delay, check out the full article here -  An Update on Alpha One Schedule (